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4/2/2014 - Training

Roger is training in Larry Singer's scene study class in New York, NY. 


3/4/2014 - Music Video

Shanee Pink's "Spreading In The Light" can now be seen at PUREVOLUME


​4/25/2013 - Film Update

A WHITER SHADE OF PALE premiered at the Kirkorian in Buena Park and will be submitted to upcoming festivals.

4/8/2013 - Film Update

THE PERFECT WEDDING won the award for Best Feature Length Comedy at the Garden State Film Festival.  

James Rebhorn was honored as well with the GSFF's Wave of Excellence Award for his work on the project.  

The film will be distributed by Wolfe Video in late 2013.

11/1/2012 - Project Update

Roger completed filming of Andrew Motz's short film WHITER SHADE OF PALE.


​6/27/2012 - Project Update

Roger completed filming of the national commercial for BATTLE OF THE SEXES, a Spinmaster boardgame.

2/25/2012 - Project Update

Roger completed filming BAVARIA BEER's commercial for a new non-alcoholic beer.

9/8/2011 - COMEDY OF ERRORS (Los Angeles Theatre Ensemble)

"Beyond director Drew Shirley's interpretation, the great performances of Engler, Schroeder, Stewart, Brown and Sharp are reason enough to see this production.  There is something about watching an actor expertly rattle off Shakespearean dialogue as comfortably as he or she would modern English that is always enjoyable to watch."  

- The Daily Bruin 

"...elements such as joyfully agile turns by the likable Schroeder, by Stewart as his more uptight brother, and by Engler as Antipholus Ephesus' ferocious shrew of a wife, allow this to coalesce into a wonderfully clear and accessible production." - LA Weekly



6/27/2011 - THE PERFECT WEDDING (small or LARGE Productions)

"Day in and day out, Roger arrived eager and ready to work.  Always specific and clear, every action was fully pursued with commitment and confidence.  I hope we have the opportunity to share the camera again."  

- James Rebhorn



3/12/2011 - Project Update

Roger reprised the role of Henry opposite Anthony Rapp in Shawn Cody's development THE WATER DREAM.

11/25/2010 - Institute for Advanced Theatre Training

"Roger is an extraordinary young actor of a wonderful range, all grounded in a true sense of himself and an honest connection with others.  He's the real thing, able to live in the moment of the action in just about any kind of material."  - David Hammond